Our dear friends Brittoni and Ernie were married last Thursday. Dwayne was honored to be able to address them and choose a collection of Scriptures to read during the service.

The reception afterward was a masquerade ball. Dwayne and I had fun dancing and getting to know some of Ernie's old friends sitting at the same table.

Their first dance was set to a portion of the song "Everything" by a band called Lifehouse. Not sure if it is supposed to be Christian, but I found the video of a powerful skit set to it online.

This picture below captures Brittoni's essence.
She always manages to be hilarious and stunningly beautiful at the same time.

She scored major points with me for rubbing the cake in Ernie's face. Dwayne said, "It takes a special kind of woman..." Generous of him, yet subtly hostile. I covered his face with cake on our wedding day more than eight years ago.