After dinner last night, we sat in the family room for a while. I nursed Avril while Norah read a book to earn another star towards her free pizza. Later, we tried to snap some candid pictures.

I actually like this one of the girls and I.
And, below, I captured Avril trying to eat Norah's face off, as she often does.

I also tried to get a picture of the girls with their dad, but we couldn't get the timing right. I have about a dozen pictures like this... Someone's face is always half out of the frame or someone else isn't looking at the camera.

In this photo, Norah is fixing her hair, Avril is pushing Norah out of her space and Dwayne is in pure agony. Norah was sitting in the... uh hum... wrong place and I clicked the button at the exact moment she plopped down. I usually choose only the best pictures to display on my blog, but I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing what goes on behind the scenes to make those more heartwarming images a reality.


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