We took a trip to Cabela's on Saturday. I am the proud owner of a shiny new Smith and Wesson .38 Special. I wonder how many hours Norah's has had to wait on her parents in this store.

We asked the Arbour's to come over and babysit and they obliged us. We wanted to go to the range so I could practice with my new gun. Dwayne made me drive his car on the way over and I agreed reluctantly. But, I figure since I am learning to operate a firearm, I should be able to drive a stick shift for goodness sake.

Dwayne sets up our target during the ceasefire. It was a beautiful fall day to be at the range.

His and hers unloaded and pointed downrange.

Dwayne's gun is such a gentle shot compared to mine! My revolver really kicks and I didn't mind it at the time, but as I type this, I'm really feeling the consequences in my right hand.

The worst part is running out of ammo.


Dwayne Boulden said…
I find it funny you posted this as political ;-)

You need a Gun label.
Dan Foster said…
You guys are such rednecks.
Amy Wilson said…
Hamilton as that revolver too. It does kick!!!

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