When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
Proverbs 31:21

On the first bitterly cold day of the season, Norah had a coat, gloves and a hat that fits. They had been purchased a few weeks earlier and were hanging on the hooks where she could reach them, just waiting for the time when she would need them. When I zipped her up and we headed out into the cold air, I said to God silently, "It is no small thing that she has a coat. Thank you, Father." You can imagine my surprise when I heard His Spirit say back to me gently, "It is no small thing that you made sure she had one. Mother." So unexpected was this praise, His praise to me, that my breath caught in my throat. And just then, the wind brushed my face and His Spirit sent the verse above blowing softly through my mind. I was humbled and had to blink back the tears stinging the sides of my eyes.

As precious as this message was to me, as much as I am sure it was meant just for me and that I am free to keep it and treasure it for myself alone, weeks later now, I can't shake the feeling that it may bless other mothers I know. We get up to make breakfast when we are so tired we could easily roll over and sleep for four more hours. We stand on feet that are already worn and make yet another dinner at the end of a long day. We give up things we need in order to buy the things our children need first. To do these kinds of things faithfully, things many women in this culture deem "small" and just leave undone, to look well after the ways of our household, is no small thing, Mother.


jen said…
What a precious moment you shared with your Heavenly Father--brings tears to my eyes as well, and reminds me once again how very personal and loving He is. I love that you shared this. It causes me to praise Him and long to be near Him!

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