Avril is sitting up on her own, officially.

But, before you watch this, understand that you'll have to forgive my stupidity. I shot this and some other videos with my digital camera earlier this week. It was the first time I ever used my digital camera to capture video. I usually only ever take regular photographs with it. So, I am used to being able to hold my digital camera horizontally to take one photo, then turning it vertically to take the next, whatever works best to fit the subject matter into the screen. But, it turns out, when you are done taking video, you can't click "Edit" and "Rotate" to make it turn right side up like you can with pictures. Seems obvious to me now, but... Anyway, half of the time, this video taken with my digital camera is sideways. Lesson learned. I take hundreds of photos with this camera each month, so... old habits die hard! I don't do this with my video camera, just so you know. I'm not that stupid. But, this footage is just too good not to share and it is so easy to upload to the computer this way! I'll definitely do this again! But, for now, have a chuckle at my expense and just enjoy the baby's sweetness, even if it is sideways.


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