"Pumping sucks."

I usually say this to myself anytime I have to. Then, I laugh at the double truth in the statement. I usually also have to tell myself things like, "Nothing's wrong. It's normal. It's the only way to keep up supply. This will pass." and "It's worth it." And, when, God forbid, I have to explain what I am doing to someone who has never had to pump, explain that I have to do it on days when Avril's teething pain makes it too painful for her to suckle as necessary, those people usually say things like "Really?!" and "You could just wean her, couldn't you?" I usually say things like "Yes, I do have to." and "I know, but..." until I can just get away from them. I know these people are just trying to be helpful, just trying to get me to let myself off the hook, but it's no good. I want to nurse her and I want to do it badly enough to turn myself into the family cow to do so. I think breast milk is best. Everyone knows it's best. So, I reason, why wouldn't I do what is best as long as it is in my power to do so? So, for all you moms like me who just can't shake the desire to nurse no matter how inconvenient it is at times, this post's for you. You and I both know pumping sucks, but we also know this time will pass and until then, we believe it really is worth it.


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