We made these adorable mice ornaments out of Hersey's Kisses the other day. The directions called for carpet tape, evidently stronger than poster tape, because that's what we used, because that's what we had, and our mice have been raining off the tree since we hung them up. I thought it was an exception when the first mouse fell apart and then down to the ground, so I told Norah, "You can have all the ones that fall..." Big mistake, since at least half a dozen mice fell off the tree within the first half hour they were hanging up! And every morning, Norah comes in with crazed eyes to glean any of the poor "dead" mice off the tree skirt. She's like the family cat checking traps in the attic. We're saving the ears and tails for next year. That way, I won't have to cut them out again. And, when we stick them together then, we will use carpet tape (or super glue, if necessary) to help hold our little mice together until Christmas.

P.S. Did you notice how colorful Norah's fingers are in the picture at the top? ...The kid loves to draw. And, I've given up trying to keep her hands stain-free.


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