We went to one of the Christmas Eve services at church yesterday.
When we got home, Norah posed with her gift in front of the tree.

Opening her Christmas pajamas...

She exclaimed, "They're pink!" with pure joy. Then she realized, "These are the ones I wanted!"

The night gown isn't Christmas colored or themed, which bothers me greatly and I personally think that it is tacky, but Norah won't ever know that (until she is old enough to read this blog and find out for herself).

She came across this gown several weeks ago when we were browsing through pajamas in a store and said, "Is this a night gown?!" She thought it had to be a princess dress misplaced in the racks. I thought that was really sweet. She also told me that if she had it, she would use it for "dress up." She didn't beg for it, because we don't allow that, but I saw the look in her eyes and I knew she really wanted it, so I went back a few days later when she wasn't with me and got it.

Avril wearing her new pajamas, too. They say, "Baby's First Christmas."

We did our Advent Book again this year, like last year.

I finished Norah's stocking! And after she went to bed, we filled it with the little gifts we got her. I didn't get to mine, Dwayne or Avril's stockings yet, but none of us have any stocking-stuffers this year anyway... Oh well. There's always next year!


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