This is a video of Norah "reading" our Advent Book on Christmas morning.

Starting December 1, we open a new door in the book every night leading up to Christmas morning when we read what is behind the last door, so Norah had most of the Christmas story memorized by then and would always insist on "reading" the parts she could.

In the process, she mumbles some, gets a few of the big words wrong and I am sure the footage could be tedious to viewers in places, but of course, every second of it is precious to us. My favorite parts are when she puts her finger up to get me to shut up (I am sure she learned this gesture from me anyway) and I laugh when she says "apembly of angels" instead of "assembly."

We'd like to say a special thanks to Dwayne's mom, Grandma Karen, for giving us this book years ago. It has become a family treasure and tradition.


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