Norah made this Bagel Bird Feeder during her home school lessons today. We didn't have any birdseed, so instead of taking a trip to the store just to buy some, I collected things I happened to have in the kitchen: almonds, raisins and sunflower seeds. The only problem with sticking items we actually eat to the bagel: Norah thought she was making herself a snack and had a real problem when I told her we were going to hang it to the tree for the birds, even though her DVD teacher also made it very clear she'd be making a bird feeder. You would think I don't feed her well enough, the way Norah carried on. But, I bargained with her. She got a pop tart, so the birds could have their bagel.

Bagel Bird Feeder

Peanut Butter
Bird Seed

If your bagel came sliced, don't tear the two pieces apart. Just leave the bagel whole. Thread a long piece of yarn through the bagel's hole, take the two loose ends, put them together and lay them to the side, out of the way. Let kids smear a thick layer of peanut butter on both sides of the bagel, even going over the yarn. This will be messy. Then let them pour and/or push birdseed into the layer of peanut butter, also messy. Find a tree, preferably one close to a window, so your kids can see the birds (or squirrels) eat it, and tie the two loose ends of yarn around one of the tree's branches securely.


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