I was on the phone on hold this morning and still had a mess or rather, several messes on the kitchen table, so I started going through everything while waiting...

I made a pile of things to throw away. At first, I put this picture of Norah's in it. (I know! It's shameful! But, I do sneak Norah's pictures into the trash can. There's a verse in the Bible somewhere that says if all the things Christ had done in His life were written down, there wouldn't be room on the planet for the pages... This is also true for Norah's doodles. There is no way our home could contain them. She alone is the reason for deforestation.)

Anyway, later, I happened to look closer as I was on the way to crumple this picture up and realized Norah had obviously drawn a Christmas tree! When I asked her about it, she said with the same tone of a young business professional holding her day planner, "Yeah. But, I can't put all the ornaments on it in one day... I'll do that tomorrow."

I can't help myself. I love this kid, watch her, cheer for her, like some people follow the pursuits of their favorite sport's team. She's my passion! This post (and so many like it) is a celebration of her and the joys I receive from being her biggest fan.


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