I'd like to recommend (to those of you who don't already know about it) what I think must be one of the best Christmas albums ever written: Dreaming of a Holy Night. The songs on this album are all original. Graham Kendrick is the same singer/songwriter who wrote songs like "Shine Jesus Shine" and "Knowing You" and all the songs on this album meet that standard easily.

Not that I know him in the least, but he knows our head pastor very well, so he worked with the worship leaders at our church and created a Christmas musical using these songs last year. I imagine that some, if not most of the songs on this album will be accepted Christmas classics in one hundred years.

My favorite song on the album is What's to be Done About Mary? You can find the lyrics to that song and hear at least a sample of all the songs on the album online. I think that song, in particular, sheds light on how Mary's pregnancy would or rather would not have been accepted by most of her family and friends. It breaks my heart, but the song shows me that it is more realistic to understand that Christ was born without the all honor He deserved.


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