We made french toast, did laundry, then went out to get the Jeep's oil changed and have it washed inside and out. Dwayne needed a haircut, so he got that done while I shopped and found the cutest snowsuit and matching jacket for Norah for only $30. It fits, but it is also big enough for her to wear again next winter. We went to another store right after that and uglier sets of snowsuits in the same brand were as much as $75. I was so happy.

Dwayne met up with us and kept Norah distracted while I found pair of festive pajamas for Norah to open and wear on Christmas Eve, another tradition we adopted from our good friends who have done it their whole lives. And, I found a set of three Christmas ornament/picture frames on sale. I have given Norah an ornament for every Christmas she's been alive, so I hope this set will provide one ornament for the next three years, if only I can keep them hidden from Norah, tucked away with the decorations in the attic or something. It looks like my Christmas shopping for Norah is basically done now.

When we got home, we found a large orange box from Hale Groves on our porch. Every December, Dwayne's boss sends his employees oranges and grapefruit. It is something we have come to look forward to, so much so, that I don't even buy citrus in December because of it. We shared a huge orange that fed all three of us before we got started with work around the house.

Dwayne has pulled the snow blower into the driveway and is planning to change its oil. I admire him to no end, since it seems like there is nothing he doesn't know how to maintain or fix. He had to go to the store for supplies, so he took Norah with him. (I really have no idea what to do with any free time I am granted these days and I don't like matching socks, so I am blogging, again.) We got our snow blower used for $100 two winter's ago, when a coworker of Dwayne's bought a bigger, fancier one. It is older than either of us, but it works fine and Dwayne's seems to maintain it as much as he would any new machine. I think it just proves that products you buy in today's marketplace often aren't built to last as long as they once were.

There's a good chance it will snow tonight, so it looks like we found Norah's snowsuit in perfect time. Maybe we'll be able to take her sledding down the hill by our reservoir tomorrow. I just wonder if my own ski pants will fit over my growing belly or whether I'll feel comfortable sledding myself much at all this winter.


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