From Charleston, we drove on to Barefoot Bay, Florida, where Dwayne's parents live. We stayed at their house for two nights. While there, we had dinner with Dwayne's favorite cousin and some dear family friends we often meet up with when we visit. We had a nice, long visit with Great Grand mom Gerda at her convalescent home. And we had time for a quick trip to a local spray park and play ground to get our first bit of fun in the sun in months.

Norah had her first real bug bite that day at the park. She picked up a stick and it happened to be full of red ants. They crawled up her arm and one of them bit her. She screamed like she was on fire! Norah was totally unprepared for a land where bugs live year 'round and we had forgotten to warn her. She picks up sticks in our yard all the time, but at least half the year it is so cold here, nothing's living on them! The picture below was taken before she was bitten, obviously.

Even more about our trip tomorrow.


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