A picture of me at fifteen.

The Bible says, "It is good for a man to follow the Lord in his youth." I read that at fifteen when I was a new Christian and thought that verse didn't apply to me. I wanted it to, but I thought the words described all my friends in my youth group who got baptized when they were three, whose parents kept them in church and out of trouble till they were my age. Back then, I felt only pangs of regret over the years I had missed out. But now, I read that verse and my heart swells at the years God has given me. I'm thirty, so that means I took off after Christ some fifteen years ago. I ran in the way of His commandments and He has been faithful to enlarge my heart. Do you know what else this means? The verse actually applies to me now. Praise God! It was good that I followed the Lord with my youth.


Yes ma'am! Look at all the wonderful years you've had so far so serve such a wonderful God!!