I have the kind of kid who jumps into the pool to see if she really will sink like her mom said she would. I think they call it "strong willed." I have a few words of my own for it, but I only say those under my breath in moments of desperation. Norah got a bead stuck up her nose yesterday. She came up the stairs from the playroom hysterical. I managed to stay calm (on the outside). If had showed any worry, she'd have passed out, she was that upset. I thought we may have to visit the ER, but I looked up her nose, saw the bead was close enough to reach and talked her into laying down on the couch and letting me get it out with tweezers. Luckily, she cooperated and it came out without any trouble. Add this to Norah's of "firsts," not to mention my own. I have no idea where this bead came from, by the way. It figures that the first time I ever see it, it's up Norah's nose.