Our vacation days were filled with simple pleasures.

The resort had seven pools and even though we swam everyday, we only visited three of them in all. Norah poses by a fountain near one of the pools.

Most every pool had a kiddie feature or wading pool of some kind, but Norah spent most of her time in the large, heated pools with me or one of her grandparents. The wind made it pretty cold to be anywhere other then under the water. But, that was a blessing in disguise, too. With so much practice, Norah was swimming on her own, even diving for toys by the end of the week!

We enjoyed the sun. I assumed that a week spent away in warmer weather would make the rest of my winter more bearable when I got home. It didn't. It just made the winter seem that much colder than it did before I had a brief period of sunshine. No wonder Mom and Dad don't visit after August and before May. It really is cold here.

Avril liked to play in the middle of our king sized bed. We'd push her over into a big stack of pillows and she'd laugh.

Norah loved the full length mirror in my room. Miss Priss played "dress up" with gifts my family gave her when we saw them a few days earlier.

I let Norah eat her yogurt with her finger! No spoon required. Gasp! And, I let her eat pizza on the sofa! Shocking! I know! But, we were on vacation!

I took Norah to the resort's arcade. Norah liked Mrs. Pac Man the best of all. Dad, thanks for the five bucks cash for game tokens, by the way. I did mean to pay you back.

The resort also had a put put golf course. Our game was complimentary. Norah insisted on going first every time and always ran ahead of me to the next hole or the next or even the next... until I'd yell and she'd run back. It wasn't crowded, so she was free to roam.

Steering the "pirate ship."

In the stockades...
Kind of wish I had one of these instead of a time-out chair.

Avril played on the floor with her toys.
She got so much practice rolling free, she was army-crawling by the end of the vacation.

Norah watched a lot of kid's channels and DVDs on the big television.
She loved it since we still don't have a tv at home.

When it was too chilly or too late or too rainy to go to the pool, Norah swam in the jacuzzi that was in our bedroom. It took forever to fill up, but it had a waterfall, so that made it super fun!

Bath time in the kitchen sink.

Having a snack on the kitchen floor.

Like I said, our days were filled with simple things. 'Tis a gift to be simple.