Notice the Halloween bib over the Christmas pajamas.

I've got two words for you:

Laundry day.

Two more:

Second child.

(I would not have allowed Norah to be caught dead in either of these things, let alone these things together).

You know those two famous words:

Things change.

Now I live and breath by the two words:

Who cares?!


Michelle DiMaio said…
By #3, they'll be eating in a diaper so you can just stick them right in the tub with #1 and #2 after they eat :) Things do certainly change!!
Michelle DiMaio said…
By the way, Veronica, I LOVE your blog and it's made its way on to my daily reading list! Bought the Power of a Praying Wife on your recommendation, too! Thanks!!
Oh, Michelle! Feeding the baby while she is in just a diaper sounds like such a good idea! Mother of three, oh wise one. :) I am glad you read my blog! It's a guilty pleasure. I usually do all the posts for a week in one night, so I don't think it takes too much away from other things... like the dishes. ;) The Power of a Praying Wife changed my life! It was the first time I prayed so faithfully for anything, so I saw God move a lot as I worked through it the first time and going back through it now, I realize that some of the prayers have been answered, just months and years later. I use the prayers at the back of each chapter as a springboard for my "real" ones. I also made notes in the margin, too, and it has been rewarding to go back and read where we were, how far we've come, etc. Enjoy it! And, thanks for commenting!

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