On Saturday morning, we drove from Dwayne's parents' house to the resort in Orlando. Dwayne's parents followed us in their own car. Our Jeep isn't big enough for everybody. It barely holds us. Dwayne's company was providing us a room because he had to be there for the conference. His parents were coming along to stay with us while we were at the resort so we could spend more time together.

When we arrived, I was the last to walk into our hotel room. I think it because I was bringing the baby up in the stroller. But, I used the door that lead into Dwayne's parents' side of the suite, but didn't realize that I was walking into "their side" at the time. I thought their living room must be the main room for all of us, their laundry room must be our laundry, their bathroom must be our bathroom, etc. since it was so all so nice and so big that it had to be the space we'd share... right? Here are some pictures of "their side."

But, that's when Dwayne said, "Come see our side." So, I walked through the door that connected our rooms and I think my jaw must have hit the floor! Here are some of the pictures of "our side" below.

I still can't believe how exceptional the accommodations were! The room was so comfortable, it was hard to leave, even when it was just to run down to the Jeep for something! I found myself so thankful we hadn't purchased tickets to the various parks. We couldn't do so because we hadn't saved enough cash to cover the expense. We were very tempted to put it on our credit card, but Dwayne made the hard decision not to and I, after some fussing with him, submitted to him about it. I arrived in Orlando very discouraged that we couldn't take Norah to Disney ...again. But, once I saw our room, I realized that I would have hated feeling obligated to stay away from it just to get our "money's worth" at the parks. I would have been even more discouraged not to have been free to enjoy such a beautiful suite and time at such an awesome resort with my in-laws. Once again, I find that God knows me better than I know myself! If I submit to Him, even when He says, "No" by not providing the means for something I really think I want, I am never sorry for it in the end.

Dwayne and I have since vowed to stay in an absolute pit of a hotel if/ when we do go to Disney, so we don't feel like we are wasting money on a nice room we don't really use. On our way home, Dwayne also commented that he wasn't as eager as he thought he'd be to get home since he didn't feel as if he'd been living out of a suitcase for two whole weeks. The room at the resort was so much like a house, it was so comfortable and spacious, it was as if we were at home while on vacation.

Praise God! He is the giver of all good gifts! And, in the case of our accommodations, He really did give us "abundantly more than we could ask for or even imagine!"


Wow! That is a great resort!!! I don't know if you've ever had the chance to use it but priceline.com is a GREAT website to find awesome deals. I recently got a room at a Hyatt Regency for $45 plus tax so about $60 total. Look around to see what they offer then you can bid by "naming your price." The only drawback is that you can't choose if you need to stay somewhere specific but if you're flexible then it can be great. You have to be sure if you're going as well before you bid. Once your bid is accepted then you're locked in and you can only bid once a day.

Sounds like you guys had a great vacation.
carrie said…
What a nice suite! When you guys do decide to go to the parks you could stay with us and not have to pay for accomidations at all! I think we're going to be about 50 minutes from Disney. It's a long drive to do every day, but if you're trying to save it may work!

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