I asked, "Where's your belly??" She found it...

then she showed me where it is.


Unknown said…
Came across your blog today...you have some lovely photos! I remember when my boys found all of their parts, lol. My oldest, who is now 11, would crack us up when he found his nose and we asked him to show us because he would always watch his finger on it's way to his nose. He would get a little cross-eyed, then he'd shake his head like "whoa!" But then he would do it all again, over and over if we asked him too..always shaking his little head at the end. :D

Again, great photos and enjoyed looking through your blog! :)

Mom to a 6 year old boy who would rather eat brussel sprouts (Ack!) and take a bath (Gasp!), than do homeschool spelling.

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