We went to Nardelli's this evening. As soon as we walked in, Norah tensed up. "Can I see the menu? What are you going to get me? Can I help you choose? Can I go up there with you to order?" She fired these questions at me so quickly and she was so anxious to get something good to eat, she was hopping from one foot to another.

What Norah didn't realize is that I was already holding her meal in my hand, pulling her dinner out of the bag it was in, actually, as she asked these questions, too quickly for me to get a word in edgewise. It was her favorite meal, too; a hotdog from Frankies that we had ordered and picked up five minutes before on the way to Nardelli's. (She had had her head in a book reading on the way, so I guess she didn't notice we stopped at Frankies or she had forgotten about it by the time we got to Nardelli's.)

Anyway, her dad and I knew there was nothing on the menu at Nardelli's that she would like to eat, so we got her the hot dog and then went to Nardelli's for ourselves. Looking into her anxious, little eyes, I told Norah, "Norah, We love you. We know what you like. Your dad and I have already taken care of you. And, you should know we will take care of you by now..." As I said that last bit, I realized something about God...

He loves us. He knows us. He is taking care of us. And, perhaps more than anything, we should know this by now.


Leslie Turco said…
I feel like Norah that God isn't going to take care of me. I should know this by now. I only know when God is going to take care of me when: I give whatever "it" is that is bothering me to Him. Does that make sense?

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