It was a gorgeous summer day, but I didn't feel like being outside. I made good use of the afternoon in another way, by mending Norah's quilt and quilted pillow sham. Several of the patches have been pulling apart and this has been happening, with some of the patches, for at least a few years now.

The way I mended her quilt was incorrect, technically... I was supposed to use a seam ripper to pull all the layers of the quilt apart and then mend the particular patches from underneath and then re-assemble the whole quilt again to make it look just like new, but that was way too tedious. So, I just tucked the edges of the offending patches under, held them together tightly and sewed them up.

If you look closely, you can see just how incorrect my way of mending really is. But, I don't mind having a patch work quilt that looks a little more rugged. Patch work quilts, like kitchen table tops, can look even better with imperfections, I think. I am just glad Norah's quilt is in one piece again. When I presented it to Norah and she saw the difference I had made, she was genuinely impressed and just showered me with praise and thanks.


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