I took Norah, Avril and Sarah to Kettletown State Park today. Sarah spent much of the day under the beach umbrella on her cell phone. (She burns easily.) But, she said she had a good time.

I spent most of the day swimming with Avril and Norah (or begging them to play in the sand just a little while so I could just sit and relax a little.) Avril wears me out because she needs constant supervision. Norah's a good swimmer/ wader and the swimming area at the lake is really shallow. But, I still keep an almost constant eye on her, too.

Here are a few pictures I took with my cell phone while the girls were having lunch: sandwiches and watermelon slices I brought in our cooler.

We got the State Park Pass from the library and we will have it through the weekend, so I think we'll find another place to beat the heat and go swimming tomorrow.


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