Norah did a narration of the Magic Tree House book Knight at Dawn today. I wrote down her words as she retold the story and I'll type it out and print it some other day. (It's really long.)

Next, Norah drew a scene from the story using a book I bought her at the thrift store 1-2-3 Draw: Knights, Castles and Dragons. This helped her draw the knight on horseback and the castle. She was thrilled to be able to draw the pictures in her head.

Knight at Dawn is one of almost thirty Magic Tree House books that Norah has collected and the she reads over and over and over again. I am thinking of asking Norah is she wants to make a "collection" of these "book reports." She could do a narration of each story, draw a scene from each one and collect all her work in a binder. If we end up doing this, I'll take pictures of Norah's work and let you see how the collection goes.


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