Avril carries her freshly washed baby dolls around. I used extra softener in that gentle load. They smell sooo sweet now.

Fly Lady says, "A load a day keeps chaos away." But I keep saying, "Two loads a day gets me on my way." I usually try and do one regular load of wash everyday, just like Fly Lady suggests. Regular loads include a load of white clothes (so I can bleach them), colored clothes, sheets or towels. But I also try and do one special load everyday. My special loads include things like mattress covers, quilts, car seat covers, curtains, stuffed animals, decorative pillows cases, etc. This really helps me keep up with every single thing that needs to be washed in my house.

My bathroom valance was a special load. It hadn't been washed since I hung it a few years ago. And until I started cleaning the bathroom every single morning, Fly Lady calls it Swishing and Swiping, I hadn't even noticed the thick layer of dust on them. Yuck!


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