I worked in the flower bed while the girls played in the pools this afternoon.

When it was clear the baby was tired, we poured the water from the pools into the flower bed then we had ice pops (leftover from Grandpa Evans' stash.)

We made a simple bird bath with the base of a big pot. We'll see if the birds like it.

Then we played in the shade with chalk and bubbles and Norah's gotten pretty good at climbing the tree.

We tried to preserve a spider web we found on the girls' plastic slide according to the directions in The Young Naturalist, but we messed it up. The only thing we really managed to do is spray paint the slide. But, we'll try again with the next web.

"Don't take my picture."

The ice cream truck came by so we got the girls some more treats.

We turned this basket into a bird feeder. The birds seem to love grabbing a seed and then perching on the handle to eat. And the chipmunks already love it, too.


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