I sent Dwayne to the store one Saturday morning back in June for something little and kept waiting and waiting for him to get back... When he finally got home, he came 'round the corner with an old popcorn maker in his hand. He had stopped at a yard sale (because I wasn't there to stop him from doing so.) A day or two after that, it was Father's Day and as his gift, we surprised him some corn and butter for his new toy. Since then, we've been popping corn at least once a week. We use this machine to make the popcorn to eat when we play board games. We used it to pop the corn we ate when Norah saw A New Hope... This little machine is adding so much joy to what we are doing together. The kids love to watch the corn pop. And we love to remark about how close we get to burning the house down every time we use it. It's good, wholesome fun. If you don't have a pop corn maker, get one and the older it is, the better, I think.


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