My Resolutions for 2011.
I thought I would see how I am doing on my goals for this year...

Let Norah play outside
I think Norah's been outside this year more than all of last year combined, but I could let her play in the yard more often on days when we don't go anywhere. I think I may be keeping her inside when Avril's awake because Avril can't go outside with her without me and I am busy inside so I don't want to go out, etc. etc. But, I think Norah should probably go out by herself, even if Avril has to cry at the window for a minute until she forgets to be sad about having to stay inside.

Read through the entire Bible.
I'm still using this plan. I stopped blogging and caught up (after falling a few months behind) and I have been keeping up with this reading plan everyday for at least a few weeks now. I think this has become a habit, officially, and it's a great way to start my day. I am learning so much I didn't know (even after getting a bachelor's degree in religion.) Proof, I think, that nothing can replace reading original sources for yourself.

I am doing well with this. I try to remain in prayer all day (or at least remain in a state where I can pray at any time through out the day). Listening to worship music and Scripture on CD helps me with this. But, because I have been praying more and more I now desire more and more time to pray and I can't ever seem to get enough!!

"To Kill a Mockingbird" in January.
"The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" and "Needless Casualties of War" in February.
"Dumbing Us Down" and most of "Oliver Twist" in March.

That's almost a total of five books in six months. I have a few pages of Oliver Twist to finish and I have started reading Kon Tiki by Thor Hyerdhal and King's Cross by Tim Keller, so if I finish those books within July, I will be on track to read one book each month this year. I am thrilled! I thought I'd be so much farther behind due to all the unexpected traveling and the entertaining I've been doing.

Eat fruit and vegetables
With all the traveling and entertaining, I have not been eating healthily or exercising. While traveling, I've been eating what's available at the hotel or on the road or at people's houses without any thought to nutrition content. And, I can't exercise if it means asking family to watch my kids so I can do it. But, it's easier to focus on this now that I am home. This morning, for example, after running/walking for thirty minutes around my neighborhood while Dwayne stayed with the kids, I made a green machine for breakfast.

No late night eating.
I'm still doing this and I am quite sure this is part of the reason I am gaining more and more weight. If I go to bed earlier (another resolution I made this year), I think it will not be so difficult to stay out of the fridge late at night.

Be consistent in the garden.
With company here all of June, I didn't feel free to work in the garden. I probably was free to work in the garden, but it felt rude to leave my niece, even if all we were doing was sitting together, to work around the house or outside in the garden.

Stop talking in bed.
With company here all of of June, it became really important to have this time alone to talk with Dwayne in private. But, now that we can talk freely during the evenings, that's what I will try to do so my husband can get more much needed sleep.

Go to be early.
"No caffeine after 6pm." is too hard a rule to keep. So, I think I will shoot for "No caffeine after 8pm." That will help me get to sleep at a decent enough hour.


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