I am getting rid of clutter and the stuff I think I can sale at our upcoming tag sale is going into Avril's closet. The rest is just going straight to the thrift store. So I've taken at least one bag of donations to the thrift store almost every day that I've gone out to go shopping in the last two weeks.

But after my last trip to Target, coming home with a bunch of new stuff in the back of my Jeep, it occurred to me that if I want the level of stuff in my house to remain the same or if I want the amount of stuff to actually reduce, I need to be in the habit of taking something out of my house just about as often as I bring new stuff in. Makes sense, right?

So I think I will try and make an effort to donate something I don't need anymore, (even if it's just a small, plastic shopping bag of something) every time I go out to get more stuff I do need. And I need to remain on the lookout for stuff that has outlived its use.


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