A Book of Christmas Songs for the Tin Whistle

Classical Conversations Foundations students learn basic music theory with the tin whistle. 

I'm tutoring a Foundations class this year, and we're in the middle of our six weeks of tin whistle for this year. 

As a Christmas gift to each student, I've made a book of thirteen tin whistle Christmas songs for each student in my class. 

I made the copies of sheet music, drew a cover and then made colored copies of it for each book.  

My Foundations director let me borrow her binder, use some of her supplies, and showed me how to put the books together. (Thanks, Rachel!)

I already had the sheet music for several Christmas songs accumulated over our previous ten years in Foundations, but I got several more off  the new CC Connected. 

I plan to give these books as Christmas gifts to my students when we break for Christmas; That's right at the end of our six weeks of tin whistle. 

I wanted to give an educational, useful, thoughtful, enriching, handmade gift that also didn't break the bank, if possible. 

This book of Christmas songs for the tin whistle checked all the boxes. 


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