Store and Save


I have several recipes: soups, quiche, casseroles, that require chopped ham.  

So instead of paying a premium for separate ham steaks every time I need ham, I buy a larger ham way ahead of time when it is one sale, slice it into 8-12 portions that are 7-12 ounces each, and freeze these so that I can thaw them as needed. 

We often do this with ground beef, too. 

We get a better deal on the larger container of ground. Then we bring it home and portion it into 1 pound bags that we freeze and thaw as needed. 

Buying meat in bulk is a way to save some money... and time and trouble, too. 

We also try to keep an excess of the non-perishable items in the pantry, stuff that we always use like flour, canned tomatoes, and beans. 

With portions of meats in my freezer and most non-perishables we use stocked on my shelves, some weeks I only need to buy a few things because I already have a lot of the main and basics ingredients on hand.

As I plan my meals each week, I inventory my stores, shopping from my own freezer and shelves.

I replace stores of frozen meats and non-perishables as needed, but I can often get in and out of the grocery stores in minutes only needing a few perishables like milk, eggs, and vegetables. 


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