A Fruitful Weekend


The need for new clothes and shoes had been looming for weeks and weeks with no good Saturday in sight in which to do all necessary shopping. So we did three days worth of schoolwork in two, working harder than usual on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so that we could spend all day Friday at the stores. I literally hate shopping, especially at the mall, but it's a necessary evil at least twice a year. Just as I expected, it took all day, but we found all the items the girls needed. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to return to the stores until spring or early summer. We made it home on Friday evening just in time to change clothes and take the girls to church for youth events. I bought the statue above at the Hallmark store. I had seen it several months ago, and I was glad to find it again. It reminds me of my three daughters. They aren't often together like this anymore, since the oldest is away at college now, but all the more reason to have a beautiful statue to give thanks for the years that I had them all together at home. 


I spent most of the day Saturday at a TEACH homeschool conference with other mom- friends at my co-ops. The hosts served a lovely breakfast and lunch, gourmet coffees and deserts. Steven Demme spoke personally about his faith, his failures, and his beloved family. He is an inspiration and encouragement. He's the creator of Math-U-See, our beloved math curriculum, so when he found out we were a Math-U-See family, he gave the girls a signed copy of his book His Story My Story. While I was gone, Dwayne did some more work on the piano he is converting into a writing desk while the girls did schoolwork and their piano and reading. Late in the day, once I felt up to getting off the couch and throwing dinner together, I made a new chili recipe from my new cookbook for dinner. It was quick, delicious, and simple. I will definitely make it again. We ate chili while we watched a few episodes of The Chosen Season 1. That was pretty exceptional treat, since we don't usually eat in front of the tv, and there usually isn't anything we even wish to see being produced these days. But we've heard so much about The Chosen, we've decided to watch it together. 


We went to church early, as usual, and came home to do a bunch of quick cleaning before guests arrived. Friends from our homeschool co-op came over after their church service was over. We shared lunch. I made homemade ABC vegetable soup with homemade chicken bone broth and made-from-scratch cheddar and chive biscuits. It sounds complicated, but the recipes were simple enough and came together quickly. Have I mentioned how much I love my new cookbook? After lunch, we worked on The Lost Tools of Writing for a few hours. I'm a Circe-Certified Master Tutor, so Lost Tools is a great passion of mine. Our friends are new to that program and they were trying, but still confused and falling behind, so it necessary to meet in person to help them as much as they needed. It was a pleasure to work through Essay Four together. They left here with a complete outline and I hope, a growing love for my favorite writing program.  In the evening, the girls started a new board game while I did dishes, laundry, filled in my schedule for the coming week, managed emails, and did some of my prep work for my Foundations class. 



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