Save Vegetable Scraps for Bonebroth

I usually buy a cooked rotisserie chicken once every two weeks. 

I'll pull all the meat off the bones and use the pieces for one or two meals like soups or tacos. 

Then I use the bones to make several cups of rich bone broth that I can store in the fridge and use in meals that week.  

I had been using whole celery stalks, carrots, and onions to flavor my broth for years, but it occurred to me that I chop enough celery, onion, and carrots throughout a two week period for use in other meals that I can probably just save these scarps in a bag ins the fridge and gather enough to use in my broth. 

This worked like a charm! 

I had no need to use whole carrots, onions, or celery sticks, because my scraps amounted to basically the same amount of onion, celery, and carrot that I usually use, and the scraps provided the same amount of flavor. 

Now we have even less food waste!