St. John's Wort

When the weather goes from warm to bone-chilling, when the sun starts hiding behind layers of clouds all day, I can get depressed. I start looking to life-giving habits then. I take my vitamins. I exercise more. I try to sit in the sunlight when it's out. And I drink St. John's Wort tea. 

The girls tasted my tea one day, but they promptly spit it right back out, unbelieving that I'd drink something so awful. They asked me, "Why on earth?!" So I explained that St. John's wort is supposed to help with one's mood. 

Giving this some thought they developed a theory: It tastes so bad that the rest of one's life starts to look better and better while you drink it. And that's actually how it actually helps with depression. A clever, compelling theory! 


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