Preparing for Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving and we've got a feast planned tomorrow. 

So I spent the day gathering ingredients, reading recipes, planning cook times and temps, and prepping the dishes. 

It was a full day in the kitchen with an audio book on my headphones (Augustine's City of God for the third time). 

It was a few sinks full of dirty dishes, and three whole cycles of the dish washer. 

I prepped the stuffing and four casseroles, not all shown here. 

I chopped the potatoes for mashed potatoes and shredded the cheese for mac and cheese. 

I planned and prepped our Thanksgiving brunch- omelets to order. 

And to boot, I even made banana nut bread with some overripe bananas. 

I've got the cooking schedule planned so that everything should be done on or about the same time. 

We're ready for a relaxing day tomorrow, since all the thinking and planning has been done. 

We need only follow the plan. 

It was a full, fulfilling day in the kitchen. 

After twenty years of keeping a home, domestic duties are transforming themselves into domestic arts, so I find myself enjoying my skills (and my work) more and more. 


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