Tutoring Foundations and Essentials

This year, I am tutoring both Foundations and Essentials.

It's a lot of prep work! 

But it's manageable so long as I work on it consistently throughout the week. 

I do not like waiting until the day before community to prepare, so I try to spread out the preparation into small increments throughout the week.

I created a checklist of the specific tasks I follow each week, and I put them in the order I usually prefer to do them. 

This way, I don't have to constantly remember and reassess what I have to do or have already done.

I can just refer to my lists to see what needs to be done next and check by check, I prepare for the next week.  

It's been remarkably helpful. 

I print the lists the day after community and start working on some of the tasks that same day. 


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