U is for Underwear

" I think I got the wrong size."

I was packing my hospital bag and buying some things to use during my recovery, assuming the baby will actually come, so I can actually recover. But, when I pulled these underwear out of their package, I could hardly believe how big they were. I showed them to Dwayne, who was standing nearby, and it set us to laughing hysterically.

And, like I said before, as frustrated as I am that this is now the fifth day of being overdue with this baby, Dwayne and I are finding a lot of things to laugh about and a lot to be thankful for.


gina said…
I was 10 days overdue with Brielle- those are some LONGGGG days! Hang in there. Keep you eye on the 2 week induction point -anything earlier will seem like a happy surprise. :)

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