Norah, on our trip to Pennsylvania Thursday.

We visited Dwayne's oldest friend, Dan Foster, and his family for a night. Before a delicious homemade dinner, our children played together in the grandparents' family room with toys Dan and Dwayne played with as boys. His wife also home schools their children, so I was able to talk to her about several resources I am considering. The visit was a blessing and I am always thankful to God for the Fosters and how much they love and cherish my husband. I am sure that a good portion of the man Dwayne is is due to the Fosters' influence.

Early Friday morning, Dwayne and all the Foster men flew to Florida for a trip to Clearwater beach, a road race, and a Philly's training game to celebrate he and Dan turning 30 this spring. After breakfast, Norah and I managed to get home on our own, only getting turned around once while trying to find the right exits through the Bronx. And, thankfully, I haven't gone into labor while Dwayne's been gone and here's hoping I won't, at least till his plane lands tonight. When I agreed to let him take this trip a few months ago, I was much less likely to deliver any second. But, really, I do hope he is having the time of his life. He works hard, rarely takes time or spends money on himself, so Dwayne certainly deserves this trip.


gina said…
You drove home yourself?! I'm impressed. And feeling a little braver about road trippin' it with the girls this summer without John. :) Hope you stay pregnant just a tad longer. :)
I hope I stay pregnant, too, at least for a few more hours! I will leave to go get Dwayne from Hartford airport soon. It was a little crazy getting through the city, so many moves right on top of each other, but I managed not to really loose it even once after getting turned around- a big accomplishment! But, I think we will take the train into the city for field trips. That way, I won't be the driver and finding parking is a nightmare and VERY expensive. ;)

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