As I pulled into the library parking lot that morning in a hurry, feeling a little stressed by all I needed to accomplish in the next few hours, I noticed him right away. There was something different about this guy and it struck me immediately, something unnerving about the way he was just... walking... It took me a few seconds to figure him out. I see people strolling through parks all the time. But, I watched this guy and he didn't seem to have any direction at all. It was weird, so weird that it was unnatural.

He held himself as if he had absolutely no commitments, none today, none tomorrow, none next week... But the interesting thing was that his lack of direction seemed to lead to a lack of real interest in anything around him. He didn't seem to notice the beautiful robin on the ground near his feet or the sun rays coming out of the clouds warming the chilly earth. His lack of interest even seemed to cause him unrest, because he was literally wandering around the park... I've never seen anything like it. I was quietly horrified.

I said a quite prayer for this man just in case my impressions of him were right on and he was, in fact, totally aimless in life. Then I snapped a photo so I'd remember the impression his terrible freedom made on me that morning. I headed into the library then. Like I said, I had a lot to do that morning and there were people who loved me, who needed me, who were expecting me to get home by lunchtime...

But, I walked with a renewed sense of purpose, feeling less burdened by all the things on my to-do list, realizing how very blessed I am to have a life so full of purpose that I can hardly even keep up with it all.


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