Disclaimer: I can't remember where I got this idea, otherwise I would credit the source... But, Norah and I have started a "The best part of today..." book.

When I found this idea online somewhere (like I said, I can't remember where I found it), I also saw some samples of these little books made with gorgeous craft paper and ribbons and stickers and stamps, etc. But, we are just using a little, blank diary my sister, Aunt Loretta, bought Norah years ago.

The plan is to write one sentence, just one... that expresses the best part of Norah's day, something Norah is most thankful for right then, etc. And, my vow is to let Norah pick what she writes, no matter how absurd, juvenile, silly or insignificant it seems to be to me. That way, in almost every way (besides the fact that I helped her spell the words) this book will belong to her.

Note: I may or may not share some of Norah's future entries in this book with you guys on here. I guess it depends on how sacred this little book becomes to her.


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