While we were in South Carolina, I took the kids on several hikes, boat rides, etc. taking advantage of our free time in that unique place, knowing even though the trip was unexpected and we weren't prepared to study the swamp in advance, we could read about it when we got home. Below are pictures of some the beautiful things we saw.

Moss growing on trees.

Pink lichen.

Ferns unrolling.



The yellow bellied sap sucker tattoos the trees.

Cypress trees and lily pads.


More ferns unrolling.

Cypress knees.

Dogwood just beginning to bloom.

A blue heron.


A green anole on a mossy log.

Spider web covered in pollen.

My sister and my kids in the boat.

An egret's nest high above the swamp.

Gator on the bank.

Yellow bellied slider with moss on his back.

Gator on a log.

He was covered in the pollen that was floating on the water.


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