Things that are different about the south... Things that I have heard and seen while on this visit...

There are many. many. many. many more stores and restaurants here than there are in the north... like fifty times more.

There are tons of new houses being developed around every corner.

It's not uncommon to pass ten churches on the way to somewhere. (I often see two evangelical churches on either side of the same street only to drive another quarter of a mile on that same street to see two more evangelical churches right next to each other... so close their parking lots are almost touching!)

People mention God in polite conversation. (Nine out of ten strangers who have found out my dad is in the hospital...because Norah tells everyone... have said they will pray for him. They actually use the word "pray.")

Salads are made with iceberg lettuce. Period.

Moms hover. (They will follow their children around the tight, indoor play places, coaching them, preventing incidents, etc. Kids will actually often trip over moms in an effort to play.)

Most people stop and pray before they eat.

I heard a mom scold her little girl saying, "Sit like a lady!" To this, the little girl crossed her feet. The little girl's legs were already together, mind you, but the mom wanted her to cross her feet. I had forgotten "Sit like a lady" even existed.

Several people put Jesus fish on their cars, trucks, vans, etc. (I had forgotten these things even existed also. I saw one for the first time in years as I drove through Virginia on my way here. It took about ten seconds to remember what the symbol even meant. I knew it had to be something familiar... 'cause it had a cross inside the fish... what was that?...Oh yeah. It means that person is a Christian.) No kidding. That was my train of thought.

People seem to be much more judgmental. (I can go into more detail about this later... or not... But, in polite conversations I've had with people... because people here just talk to other people all the time... people will get short with me and try and end the conversation if I say something they don't agree with. They are polite with me... until I disagree with them. Or, maybe I am just really rude and I don't realize it... That could be it.)

If they hear what you are talking about, strangers will include themselves in your conversation and do so with a big smile as if they are being polite/ friendly.

The rebel flag doesn't seem to be offensive to anyone. It is even flown over individual's houses. And these houses do not have reporters and/or groups of protesters out front.

African Americans and white people are always in the same place, but they are hardly ever in mixed groups conversing with each another.

There are already large mosquitoes biting... in March!

Note: Please don't take offense to this post if you live in the south. This is not supposed to be a criticism. ...Some of this is stuff is just so shocking to me after so many years of living in the north. I did not even notice this stuff while I was living here. I should study sociology because I am fascinated by the differences in cultures, even cultures within the same country can be different. What's considered polite here is rude there and vice versa... Fascinating!


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