We're leaving for Chicago today. Dwayne has to go to there for work, so the girls and I are tagging along with him. I think Dwayne might have wanted to go alone, originally, but then he saw the crazy look in my eye when he told me he had to be gone for a week. I think he became afraid of what I would have been driven to do to him if he had been able to leave town without me right now.

You see, the winter always starts to drag on and on around here this time of year. It isn't a leisure trip for Dwayne. And, it's not like Chicago is anywhere near say, Florida, but none-the-less, it will be a welcome change of pace and scenery for us. (This should give you some real clue as to the state of things around here in March.)

Yes, the kids and I may be stuck in hotel rooms most of the time... But, there will be free breakfasts (that I don't have to make) and hours of guilt-free cable television (because what else will we have to do instead?) and indoor pools and lots of reading and snuggle time and as much Chic-fil-a as we can find... if any.

Who knows?! The snow may even be melted once we get back, making it possible to see the crusty- muddy- squishy- brownish grass underneath, a blessed sign of spring around here. (We take what we can get.)

I am writing this post several days ago... if that makes any sense... so I will try and actually work ahead and set lots of things to post while we are gone. But, I am not so sure how busy the weekend will be and I still need to pack... But, to keep my promise to my dad, I have set at least one photo to post each day while we are away. (Cue the smile and sigh of relief from Grandpa.)

Love you, Dad.


Wrote the above before I found out my dad was admitted to the hospital in SC. I think we're heading that way instead.


Amanda said…
Hope everything will be ok with your Dad! Praying for your travel and recovery for him.

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