That's the name of the website I am using to keep track of my personal library.

The second time I bought a second copy of a book I already owned, I figured it was time to make an official list.

You think I'd be able to keep up with what books I have, but it's really not that easy.

Goodreads let's me use an application on my phone called My Book Droid to log in and see my library from the thrift store or book store isles.

It has already come in handy when I needed to know which Magic School Bus books we actually have, verses the ones I have only seen online, verses the ones Norah has checked out from the library in the past, verses the ones we have checked out right now, etc.

I've been typing titles in all day today and I still have at least two hundred more books to add.

No kidding.

I don't even have what I'd consider a large collection of books.

I am what I'd call a picky buyer.

I don't own even half the books I want to own right now.

And I know I don't own a quarter of the books I will own by the time I am done homeschooling.

So start now.

That's my advice to any home school mom like me who is slowly, slowly collecting books and thinks she may want to keep track of her library, eventually.

Start typing the titles in now because I bet you have a lot more books than you think you do.

I thought it would be simple enough to get a handle on the books I own, since my collection is what I'd call "small."

But it's not that simple.

And I guess my collection really isn't that small.


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