Can I just tell you that I bought this dress for $1?! That's right. $1! I am in love with thrift stores... so in love that I may never even go to Old Navy again. Seven dollars for one size 2T dress is outrageous anyway! Outrageous, I say!

You know that world where people used to live, the one that you read about in books where people were sensible about things and thought it was as crazy as it really is to spend a lot of money on stuff that doesn't really matter... I feel like I have finally found that world and it's the world of thrift!

Clothes really don't matter, after all. So why should they ever account for more than a fraction of the money I spend? I mean, look at this little girl. There is no label on the inside of her dress that you would recognize, but she is arrayed as beautifully as the lilies of the field and I didn't strive or worry for her dress one bit.

"Do not worry about your life: what you will eat, what you will drink, what you will wear..."


Jeff & Michelle said…
I don't know if you have them in your area, but there are several semi-annual kids clothing consignment sales around here where I buy practically ALL the kids clothes. They rent out a gym or warehouse and have a sale over a long weekend. I LOVE it! I just have to supplement with new undies and socks and have a great wardrobe for all the kids at a fraction of the cost. I can often get much better quality clothing than I would choose (Gymboree, Kellys Kids, GAP, etc.) for $1-$5 per outfit. With my older boys, the pickings are somewhat slimmer since boys are so rough on their clothes, but for Colleen, it's awesome!! I usually spend around $75-100 per sale (so twice a year) for new clothes for all three kids (and shoes and a few toys, too :) The best part is, it's ONE afternoon of intense shopping... I DETEST shopping! :)

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