I arrived in South Carolina yesterday evening. I went straight to the hospital with the girls. My mom, brother and sister were all there or arrived a little later, so we had a nice visit around my dad's bed until he was exhausted.

My dad is doing much better. He will be in the hospital another day or two, but it sounds like he will be able to go home this week. The doctor's say he will have to continue some treatments at home and that he will need a healthier lifestyle. This is nothing we did not anticipate.

I am staying with my second-family the Jones in their guest room. They were my youth group leaders in high school and I lived here on breaks in college, taking care of their grand kids (who are here now, actually). One is in high school and the other is home from college for spring break... I feel really old!

I am planning to visit my dad once or twice a day while I am here. Mrs. Kathy's house is five minutes from the hospital one way and five minutes from my parents the other way. I also plan to meet up with some of my oldest friends for visits and take my girls to some of the parks and places I grew up in.

The weather here is spring for them, but it is like early summer for us in Connecticut, so it will be nice to be outdoors as much as possible. Dwayne is by himself in Chicago. He's alone, but he's there for work so I know he will have plenty to do to keep himself busy.


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