Arcanum Unbounded and Sounding the Seasons

I finished Arcanum Unbounded and Sounding the Seasons both this morning. 

Neither of these are on my official list of books to read in 2022

That figures, because I like to read as the wind blows, going wheresoever the Spirit leadeth.

But I also want to try to be more strategic this year and get to some of those great books I keep meaning to read. 

But my husband and oldest daughter insisted I read Arcanum Unbounded as soon as I finished The Silmarillion last week. 

We all enjoy reading Sanderson's books and discussing his Cosmere as a family, and my loved ones were growing tired of trying to not to spoil the details in this book for me, so I agreed to read it. 

It was delightful and I am enchanted. 

It makes me want to read even more of the books in the Cosmere I wasn't planning to read before.  

And as soon as I finished that book, I looked up "Malcolm Guite" on Kindle, since I want to focus on his books this year, and I have several titles I know I want to read.  

But then I saw the title Sounding the Seasons and though it isn't on my official list, it was the most compelling title for some reason, so I chose to start there. 

I am so glad I did. 

I read the book in one sitting during the early hours of this morning. 


His poem "O Sapienta" is definitely a new favorite, and I know I will read this book through again soon. 


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