Share Your Abundance

I made oatmeal cookies with Adele the other day. 

Adele loves to bake, and I love to bake with her... 

But there were far too many cookies when we we through.

And that's exactly why I usually don't make cookies, and that's why I went years not baking cookies. 

I don't want them sitting around tempting me for days and days. 

And the girls don't need that many sweets, either. 

But then again, not ever making cookies means we have far too few cookies...

So where's the balance?

One shouldn't have too many cookies or too few. 

Staring at these cookies the other day, I realized something.  

I have people I can share with!

So even as we enjoyed these cookies still warm from the oven, Adele and I set aside two bunches for people we know at church, people we'd been thinking about finding a way to encourage. 

So now I've finally figured out how I can ensure there will never be too many or too few cookies. 

The answer seems like it should have been more obvious and occurred to me sooner than this. 

But the moral of this story is: 

Share your abundance! 


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