The Fiddler's Gun

Norah found out I was done with all the books I was reading, so she went and physically got this book and pushed this into my hands, saying for the hundredth time that had to read it. So I spent the last few days reading, and crying, and crying out, gasping, throwing arms up, making fists in the arm, saying, “No way!” or “Oh no!” I’m emotionally exhausted now, but that was non-stop fun and also really heartwarming. As soon as I closed this book and sighed, Norah was on hand and handed me “Fiddler’s Green,” the sequel, with a knowing grin. Norah assessment is, “It’s too much for the littles.” And I agree. It’s a bit too raw and real for my particular younger kids, but I think it’s great for older teens and even grown-ups.


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