January In Review

It's my goal to read 100 books in 2022.

In January, I finished reading:

Ourselves by Charlotte Mason

The Mistobrn Trilogy by Sanderson

The Silmarillion by Tolkien

Arcanum Unbounded by Sanderson

Sounding the Seasons by Guite

The Deep Places by Ross Douthat

The Fiddler's Gun by AS Peterson

I have started:

Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold

Daily, I am still listening to portions of the audio book of:

The City of God by Augustine

It is also a goal to walk 100 times and do 100 Bodypump workouts this year. 

So far, I have walked 6 times, completed 2 Bodypump workouts, and 2 Bodyflow workouts, too.  

That feels like major progress. 

Ten workouts in one month total is a lot more than I was doing for a long time. 

And I am actually enjoying the exercise while it is happening and after it is over, I am able to recover without days of debilitating pain and immobility. 

The joy while exercising and the quicker recovery are two big indicators that my body has actually recovered from Lyme disease. 

Praise God!  


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